The BACnet solution from Beckhoff

Open, flexible and scalable: The BACnet solution from Beckhoff

TwinCAT BACnet from Beckhoff is one of the most open and flexible solutions currently available on the market. With the certification for revision 14, Beckhoff has implemented the version of the BACnet standard that is currently used in building automation. Extensions of the BACnet standard can easily be added in the future. Plant and building automation engineers have access to the latest features and benefit from a number of advantages.

TwinCAT BACnet allows users to access all BACnet objects and their properties from the PLC and the visualization, i.e. users can observe and change the state of these objects. Ready-made PLC function blocks reduce the programming effort to a minimum. Beckhoff offers unrivalled flexibility through its finely scaled product range: users have a choice between controllers for several hundred to several thousand BACnet objects, which enables them to configure tailor-made solutions for their application in terms of performance and costs.

Beckhoff controllers support the BACnet Building Controller Profile (B-BC). In addition to the server application, TwinCAT BACnet offers extensive client functions that enable efficient communication with other BACnet devices and ensure maximum flexibility for the user. The biggest advantage of TwinCAT BACnet is the automatic generation of BACnet objects: in systems with a few thousand BACnet objects, creating a BACnet project from the PLC results in enormous time savings, and the costs for project creation and configuration are minimised. more


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System overview: shows all BACnet products from Beckhoff

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